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Pirates of Penzance – is still a glorious thing

Pirates of Penzance – is still a glorious thing

Written by Gilbert and Sullivan The Pirates of Penzance was first performed in New York on Dec 31 1879. One day after it was presented in London, England

Since then it has become one of the most performed of their plays.

I believe in the play that this Ruth, Frederic’s nurse and pirate maid. The other characters were Frederic, a pirate apprentice who had been indentured to the pirates but on reaching the age of 21 decided to leave the pirate trade. However, a technicality – being born on February 29. means he is not reached his 21’st birthday and so much return to being a pirate.

  • Mabel (soprano)
  • Pirate King (baritone)
  • Police Sergeant (bass)
  • Major-General Stanley (baritone)
  • Pirates, police, General Stanley’s daughters
A great save by the Sexsmith Viper hockey goalie – Feb 4 archives

A great save by the Sexsmith Viper hockey goalie – Feb 4 archives

When your newspaper covers over 17 hockey teams. Just in the local community, you get to see a LOT of hockey. Then you add in all the teams from the other seven communities that the Peace Country Spotlight covered. You spend your evenings living in the hockey arenas.

In the Peace region, hockey season starts in August and depending on playoffs carries through to April.

The advantage to this. You get a lot of practice photographing hockey. The disadvantage you get to eat a lot of hockey arena food. Some of it is pretty good. Some isn’t bad. For the most part though, you want to be packing a bottle of antacid tablets, just in case.

This photograph is from a Junior B match-up between the Fort St John Huskies and the Sexsmith Vipers of Hockey Alberta’s Jr B North West Hockey League.

In the 2005-06 and 2006-07 seasons the Huskies were the league champions.

The league consists of the Beaverlodge Blades, the Dawson Creek Jr. Canucks, the Fairview Flyers, the Grande Prairie Kings, the North Peace Navigators, and the Sexsmith Flyers.

The Thrilling Hockey Game in Fort St. John, BC

The Thrilling Hockey Game in Fort St. John, BC

Fort St. John, British Columbia, is known for its passion for hockey. The city’s love for the sport is evident in the intense and exciting hockey games that take place regularly. One such memorable game showcased the true spirit of the sport, with the main photo capturing a pivotal moment: the puck suspended in the air just in front of the goalie.

The photo perfectly encapsulates the anticipation and focus of the goalie as he looks down at the puck, ready to use his body to block any incoming shots. The intensity of the moment is palpable, and it highlights the skill and dedication required to excel in this fast-paced sport.

A Display of Skill and Strategy

Hockey is a game that demands both physical prowess and mental agility. The players must possess exceptional skating ability, precise stick handling skills, and a deep understanding of the game’s strategic nuances. The goalie, in particular, plays a crucial role in defending the net and preventing the opposing team from scoring.

As the main photo suggests, the goalie’s primary objective is to stop the puck from entering the net. This requires lightning-fast reflexes and the ability to read the game to anticipate the opposing team’s moves. The goalie must be prepared to use their entire body as a shield, positioning themselves strategically to block shots from any angle.

The Importance of Focus and Concentration

In the photo, the goalie’s unwavering focus on the puck is evident. This level of concentration is vital in a high-pressure game, where split-second decisions can make all the difference. The goalie must stay alert and react swiftly to any changes in the game, constantly assessing the positioning of both their teammates and the opposing players.

Furthermore, the goalie’s mental strength is tested as they face numerous shots throughout the game. They must maintain their composure and stay focused, even in the face of intense pressure and potential distractions. The ability to remain calm and collected is crucial for making split-second decisions and executing precise movements to block shots.

A Symbol of Teamwork and Support

While the goalie plays a vital role in defending the net, hockey is ultimately a team sport. The success of the team relies on the collective efforts of all players, working together to outmaneuver the opposition and score goals. The goalie’s teammates provide support by clearing the puck from the defensive zone, blocking shots, and communicating on the ice.

Behind the goalie, the photo captures an array of players, ready to jump in and assist their teammate if needed. This camaraderie and cooperation are fundamental to the game, as each player has a specific role to fulfill. The goalie’s trust in their teammates allows them to focus on their own responsibilities, knowing they have a united front defending the net.

A Celebration of the Sport

The hockey game in Fort St. John, BC, showcased in the main photo, serves as a testament to the excitement and passion that surrounds the sport. It represents the dedication and skill of the players, the intense competition, and the unwavering support of the fans. Hockey has a unique ability to bring communities together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and pride.

Whether you’re a die-hard hockey fan or simply appreciate the thrill of a competitive sport, the photo captures a moment that encapsulates the essence of the game. It reminds us of the excitement and anticipation that each hockey game brings, as players strive to outperform their opponents and create memorable moments on the ice.

Feb 1 – The old farmstead

Feb 1 – The old farmstead

Not Grandpa’s original farmstead, but the one where he raised all his kids. While I remember visiting Grandpa and Grandma in the original house, they sold the farm to my Uncle and moved to town in the late 50’s. He demolished it and built a “modern” house in the 60’s.

If you look closely you can see the spot where the old house was. It’s that darker square just on the other side of the trees from the new house.

The original garage is still there. Its the building on the other side of the road. All the machinery and vehicles were repaired in the shop. In the fall it was also used for butchering beef for everybodys freezer.

My uncle farmed it another 20 years before selling to my brother and moving to another location. My brother farmed it for a number of years before sub-dividing out the yard, selling that to a neighbour’s father-in-law. The rest of the land was sold to another neighbour who still farms it to this day.

Grandpa and Grandma were the first couple married in St Isidores Catholic Church back in 1913. Also known as the Allerston Church – it was named for my Grandmothers Dad who was the land agent that brought many of the new farmers into the area.

Freedom Convoy heading back from Coutts

Freedom Convoy heading back from Coutts

January 28 – High On Ice

January 28 – High On Ice