Storm clouds gathering on the horizon near Lethbridge

Storm clouds on the horizon

I have no idea what these wheels are. I am guessing they are supposed to be wheels of a steam engine, but while they are located right behind the Galt Museum, there is nothing that I could find on the museum site, or by any other search that even mentions the wheels. A few photos, but mostly just mentioning the High Level Bridge in the background.

Storm clouds on the horizon

I am guessing that they are supposed to represent the drive wheels of a steam engine, but because of the size, I doubt they ever where on a real engine.

What I can tell you, the wheels are not from this steam locomotive. This little guy is part of the Airdrie Train Park which has several different tracks and engines that you can ride on.

Steam train locomotive located behind the old train station in Lethbridge.

This one located behind the health unit in the old train station is a little easier to find information on because there is a plaque that details the history of Locomotive 3651, a oil fired steam locomotive.

Now we move from Lethbridge to Coutts, where we have the Coutts train station on it’s original site but boarded up in preparation for it’s move to the Galt Railway Museum in Stirling.

Coutts Train station on its original foundation before being moved to Stirling

They made it to Milk River and brought it up and around the hospital

The move also required the use of the utility companies to either lift lines over the roof, or to actually take them down and other crews were required to remove other road side obsticals such as road signs

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