Fund Raising

Long gone are the days of simply putting your hand out and people donating. Today you have to work for it and we can provide you with creative ways to reach your fund raising goals. In many cases with our sales and graphics background we can put together a program that will reach your goal, and many times without any cost to your organization.

Portrait Coupons

We can provide you with coupons at no cost to sell for our photograph. Our regular session fee and 8×10 is $400. You can put whatever price you want on the coupon and keep all the proceeds from the sale. I suggest a rate of $49.95 as something that is easy for you to sell.

Wall Calendars

I can give you 2500 calendars to sell at $29.95 each and you keep the $29.95 – that is a potential of $74,875 if you sell them all at the $29.95

You sell them at $24.95 it’s $62,375

Or at $19.95 = $49.875



I can create cook books that you can sell. This I would need to know how many pages, how many copies. For this there might be a cost buy goal would be to make it cost free.

All of these would require active selling on the part of you and your volunteers.

You could start on the coupons in a couple of days, just however long it takes to print some up.

Calendars and Cookbooks could be ready for August and the start of the gift buying season.