This Old Barn

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Located just east of Milk River and south of the 501 this old barn is all that remains from what was once a farm. The farm yard is still there but the farmhouse has been knocked down to make room for a few more acres to grow crop. 

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The first annex comes down as the first step of demolishing and removing this Milk River elevator

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It started with getting inside the annex with a chain saw and cutting the annex off from top to bottom through each of the interior bins. Then an excavator starts to cut through the end. Similar to how a lumberjack will cut a wedge on the side of the tree that they want to fall. They leave the outside walls while they cut out the second set of bins from the center, and then its time to start taking out the outside walls, letting gravity do its thing. You can see the cut made by the chainsaw is starting to slowly widen.   evators in Milk River will not be there this fall.

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Protected: Allison

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Here are the images from your session. Only use them for pose and expression. Because of how digital files are displayed on screen there is no way to tell that the color an or density will be correct. Prints will be just fine.  

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Protected: Tanya

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The are only for checking posing and expressions on. Color and density is entirely dependent on the monitor that the images are displayed on. So they could appear light, dark, red, green, etc.  This is one of the reasons why I much prefer to project the images for the viewing session.

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Capture your families happiest moments forever

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"How You Can Capture Your Family's Happiest Moment, And Hold On To It Forever..." If Your Family Is The Most Important Thing In The World To You... If You Want A Memory You Will Cherish Forever... If You Realize How Quickly Things Can Change... This Information Will Be Priceless To You. Dear Friend,    Your family is changing so fast, isn't it? Your children (and yes, they will be your "children" even when they're married and have kids of their own) are growing up, and becoming more like adults every day.  Don't you wish you could just "freeze time" and hold these special moments forever?    My name is David Thielen, and capturing wonderful family memories is what I've devoted my life to. I'm a professional family photographer, but more than that, I'm just like you... I'm a family person. We Can Stop The Clock. Memories Are The Most Valuable…

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Bringing in the harvest

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A group of farmer/horse enthusiasts dedicate a portion of their land each year to the exclusive use of horses. From the plowing the fields in the spring, to the harvest in the fall, they use traditional horse power and man power to do the work.

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