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Mail: Box 93, Milk River, AB, T0K 1M0
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If it involves a camera, then at some point in time I’ve done it. From the outdoors to traveling baby day photographer to high fashion, I have experienced it all. From photographing the homeless on city streets to capturing moments with Premiers, Prime Ministers, Presidents, and Royalty. My photography journey has taken me from high-end studios to home-based freelancing.

My love affair with photography began in high school, and it would have ended there if it weren’t for a real photographer who took the time to look at my work and show me how to improve. Most importantly, he showed me what really good work looked like. It was a turning point in my life, and from that moment on, I was hooked.

When asked what I like best about photography, my answer is simple: everything that involves making photographs. However, there is a special place in my heart for working with newborns and their parents. There is something magical about capturing the pure and genuine moments between parents and their newest addition to life.

What sets my newborn photography apart is my commitment to capturing the authenticity of the moment. I shy away from unnatural and highly manipulated photo-shopped images. Instead, I strive to capture the unique personality of each child and the genuine interaction between Mom, Dad, and their little bundle of joy.

In my experience, those perfectly posed and photoshopped images come naturally at around three months old. Rather than manhandling the little one into position when they are only days old, I prefer to wait until they are a bit older and more comfortable in their own skin. This approach allows me to capture the true essence of the child and their family.

Photography is not just a job for me; it is a passion. It is the art of freezing a moment in time and preserving it forever. Whether I am capturing the beauty of nature, the raw emotions of a street scene, or the joy and love within a family, my goal is always to create photographs that evoke emotion and tell a story.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working in various settings and with diverse subjects. From the great outdoors to the glamorous world of high fashion, I have honed my skills and developed a keen eye for detail. Every photo I take is a reflection of my dedication to my craft and my commitment to delivering exceptional work.

So, whether you need a photographer for your newborn’s first photoshoot, a stunning fashion editorial, or a captivating travel documentary, I am here to bring your vision to life. With years of experience and a genuine love for what I do, I am confident in my ability to capture moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.