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Smiling Barn

This barn sits right along Highway Two between Lethbridge and Calgary, I have driven past it for more years than I care to remember and every time I say I should stop and take a photo. I do remember when the paint was still fresh. Unfortunately, it seems every time I am passing, I am in a hurry to get somewhere, or I haven’t had my camera with me, or the traffic is too heavy, or for whatever reason I have never stopped.

Today, I made a point in stopping. The barn has been there for as long as I can remember, and that is quite a few years. The window placement is fairly common on all barns, although, the smaller one in the center is typically much larger and opens to provide access to the upper level of the barn for storing hay. The bottom braces are typical for holding the walls together of wooden granaries by either long rods that reach to the other side, or thick cable. When you are trying to shovel grain out of those old granaries you are constantly dodging the rods. So I imagine that this isn’t the purpose for these braces.

Someday, I will actually stop and talk to the owner to see if this was actually done on purpose to make it look like a smiling face, or it was all practical that just happened to work. It would make an interesting story to tell.